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P.W. AUTO-COMPLEX is one of the largest depots of parts used for passenger cars and vans in north-eastern Poland: FRENCH, JAPANESE AND GERMAN.

Since 1995, we have specialized in professional disassembly and selection of parts for sale.

Our crew, who, thanks to many years of experience and training, will professionally advise you when purchasing parts. Thanks to hard work, supported by experience in this industry, we have gained the trust of individual clients and workshops with whom we undertake permanent cooperation.

We have over 30,000 parts on permanent sale for all vehicle models we offer.

We offer parts:

Body parts:






Any parts of the plating (quarters, thresholds)


Engines: diesel and gasoline

Engine accessories: alternators, injectors, injection pumps and others

Gearboxes: automatic or manual

Steering gears

Suspension parts


ECU, injectors, fans

Fuse boxes: BSI, BSM, UCH modules

Switches and buttons

Electric harnesses

If you have not found the part you are looking for in our catalog, call and ask +48601760000, +48722232222 or ask a question by e-mail [email protected]